Credit Lenders offers the widest range of real estate, credit, and employment screening products and services available from any single source – anywhere. Yet, in our estimation, it takes more than this to serve our client base.

We continually seek new ways to develop our company, enhance our services, and adapt to an ever-changing business environment. Through diligent attention to market trends and changes in regulations, we are able to anticipate client needs and deliver the industry’s most innovative services.

Our single most important asset is our reputation. A reputation we have carefully forged over the course of over 25 years of business, combined
with hard work and relationships with hundreds of clients.

Information is useless if it’s not correct. Every day, people make critical decisions based upon the information we provide to them. As such, we demand 100% accuracy of ourselves. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

The next best thing to receiving accurate information is getting it quickly. We understand the fast-paced and relentless demands of business and that is why we offer the fastest response time that technology can offer.

Since no two clients are exactly alike, there is no such thing as a standard request. We make it our priority to understand the specific needs of each client, and we tailor our processes and reports to meet those needs.