Federal flood insurance regulations require that lenders evaluate any property used to secure a loan to determine whether or not flood insurance is necessary. This protects both the borrower and the lender. Not only does Credit Lenders offer affordable Flood Hazard status determinations, we guarantee the accuracy of our work.

An On-Site Flood Inspection measures a dwelling’s perimeter and its distance from the street, curb, or property lines. A flood zone must be determined based on the dwelling, not on the property. Flood insurance requirements based on only a partial zone of the property, may not be in compliance, and therefore, may expose you to the risk of individual or class action lawsuits.

This certification determines if a given property is “totally in,” “partially in,” or “totally out” of a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). To make these determinations, we use an automated system which produces instant certifications on 85% of all work ordered, as well as tax maps, FEMA flood maps, municipal maps, topical maps, aerial maps, etc. This service does not include monitoring of the flood hazard status after the original determination.

In addition to making flood hazard determinations, we can also monitor the flood hazard status on a property for as long as the loan is in force, even if the property is sold or transferred through FEMA updates.